Different Types of Natural Cancer Cures

Cancer is one of the most common causes of death in today’s population. Being a commonly occurring disease among humans, it becomes vital for people to have as much knowledge about cancer, especially on how it can be prevented. For those diagnosed, it is important to know for them what their options are in terms of the treatment they can undergo. Currently, cancer already has two major ways of being treated. There are the most common cancer treatments and there are natural cancer cures.

That’s true! There are already natural cures for this deadly and increasingly-occurring disease. A good example of this is the study and also the Nobel Prize Winner made by Dr. Otto Warburg. The award was received in 1931, and it was due to the ground-breaking discovery that Dr. Otto has made concerning cancers while he was looking for alternative treatments as well as therapy for cancer. This discovery involved a person’s pH level and its importance in curing cancer.

The Natural Cure for Cancer by Dr. Otto Warburg

This natural cure for cancer entails keeping the perfect alkaline or oxygenated level in the body. Maintaining this perfect level is also significant for enjoying optimum health. This perfect pH level is above the neutral level, which is between 7.35 and 7.45. Keeping the body’s pH level above 7 has one more big advantage for the population. Maintaining such level leaves the body acting as a cancer treatment for itself. With that, the body then also starts breaking down and disposing any cancerous treatments present within.

This natural cure for cancer is mainly based on the findings that acidosis is what really causes cancer. Acidosis is used to refer to the acid pH. It is also an imbalanced acidic condition involving all bodily fluids. With the slightest imbalance in the pH level, the more a person becomes at risk of developing serious disease and illness.

But, What Is Cancer and What Causes Cancer?

Cancer is defined as a class of diseases which is characterized by the out-of-control growth of cells. Based on records, there are already 100 types of cancer that are found out. Each of the type is being classified depending on the cell type that has been initially affected.

Cancers that only stays in a single spot and shows of limited growth are benign. But, if a cancerous cell is able to move through the body via the lymphatic systems or blood and destroys healthy tissues along the way, then it may likely form malignant tumors.

Malignant and dangerous tumors also form when the cells manage to divide as well as grow.
As for the causes of cancer, there are various reasons why it develops. It could be because of the genes or the DNA type, due to carcinogens, or a genetic predisposition inherited from a family member. Regardless of the cause, there are several of treatments that are now used to cure the disease. Some of which are chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, hormone therapy and gene therapy.

Natural Cancer Cares Available Today

But treatment for this disease does not only involve those mentioned. There are now natural ways in which can be cured, like the following:

Gerson Therapy & Juicing

The Gerson Therapy was developed more than 90 years ago, and has already helped a lot of cancer patients by activating their body’s ability to heal. This ability of the body is activated by recommending the consumption of organic and plant-based foods, coffee enemas, and natural supplements, beef liver and raw juices.

Budwig Protocol

It is a treatment that aims to counteract the cancer-causing process led by consuming traditional processed foods as well as hydrogenated oils with the use of a specific diet. The protocol works by consuming the mixture of flaxseed oil, cottage cheese and flaxseeds. This mixture aims to replace the consumed harmful processed oils and fats with life-giving saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. The mixture is recommended to be taken once a day.

Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy

The first proposed version of the therapy was meant to serve as the primary defense against the disease. It involved a high dose of a porcine-based pancreatic enzyme therapy along with consuming a holistic diet. The purpose of this combination is to create an environment within the body that enables it to further enable its healing ability. Physicians recommend patients to take 5 grams of the proteolytic enzymes for three times a day.

Vitamin C Chelation

The therapy basically uses natural compounds or chemicals to remove the toxic metals present in the body. Together with the consumption of foods that are rich in Vitamin C, the more the chances of preventing and fighting cancer will be increased.

Frankincense Essential Oil Therapy

Natural Cancer CureIt is typically recommended to patients with brain tumors for it helps in fighting the disease. The essential oil used is said to be an effective killer of cancer, one that can be easily proved by medical journals and research trials. But aside from serving as a vital treatment for brain tumors, it also helps in fighting breast, colon, pancreatic, stomach and prostate cancers. The essential oil only needs to be rubbed on the body, particularly on the neck area, for three times a day to take effect. Consuming 8 ounces of water with 3 drops of the essential oil three times a day is also recommended.

Apart from these natural cancer cures, the healing benefits brought by prayers, positive outlook and a maintained mental peace also helps in fighting off this deadly disease.